Antwerp Pride
About Us

Our Mission By Our Chairman Bart Abeel

Antwerp Pride commemorates and celebrates the long journey forwards acceptance and equal opportunities the LGBT+ community has made. A journey that continues, for acceptance is never a given and there is still exclusion, discrimination and violence against LGBT+ both in our country and abroad. By giving a platform to the many voices within our community we wish to empower our community, educate and sensitize the general public and build bridges between the many actors in our society. Entrepreneurs, the city council, the cultural world, ngo’s, academia…

Centerpiece in the many Pride events is the Pride Parade. Alongside the Parade we organize and/or welcome cultural, educational, activist, sportive… initiatives. We do this always from a positive, solution and common ground seeking approach. With great empathy towards all minorities and people at risk of exclusion. As a volunteer organization, we take great pride in building community throughout our events. Antwerp Pride originates from the LGBT+ community but actively seeks alliances with all people and organizations within the city that share our passion for a diverse, inclusive and engaged city. In doing so, Antwerp Pride has built an event that attracts thousands of people to the city every year.

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